Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Arrived this morning or evening or whatever

Last night's trip was safe an uneventful, but alas, boring as hell, particularly the bit about getting delayed in Indy and wondering if I'd make it. Newark to Dublin to Shannon was first class, so it was a nice chance to enjoy the luxury for however long it took the Tylenol PM to work. I sort of slept, except for being awakened at 2pm to be told 'duty free will be closing in 10 minutes'. Agh! Who cares!

Staying at the Castletroy Park Hotel. The bell dude regaled me with stories of his trips to the American Midwest and South, including the essential visit to Graceland. This was followed by a trip to the place I'll be working for the week for a quick meet-n-greet plus a quick summary of what do we want to do this week. People back in the states tracked me down because suddenly something had to be done right away, which nobody there knew or could remember how to do.

I saw a couple of castles, but only from the outside. It is essential that I break away from the laptop and see things.


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